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Month: March 2018

FooEvents adds seamless event and ticketing functionality to WooCommerce. Sell tickets for a concert, church event, school function, fund raiser, conference, or sporting event. FooEvents will have you up and running within minutes. Demo:   Download Link:

Improved Sale Badges for WooCommerce is a plugin that will transform your default WooCommerce sale badges into something that your customers can relate to and that will grab their attention instantly. Change the style according to your current collection, season or holiday using the awesome presets included in the plugin. The plugin seamlessly integrates itself into the WooCommerce interface. Demo:   Download Link:

Split long entries Serendipity Blog Plugin Download serendipity_event_entrysplit version 1.5.6 (GPL, Last Updated 2013-08-12) Garvin Hicking, Tadashi Jokagi, Thomas Werner Serendipity >= 0.8 Enables you to split longer entries into several subpages and provides you with an auto-generated table of contents   Download Link:  

Show Emoticon/Smiley toolbar Serendipity Blog Plugin Download serendipity_event_emoticonchooser version 2.11 (GPL, Last Updated 2014-11-14) Garvin Hicking, Jay Bertrandt, Ian Serendipity >= 0.8 Shows a toolbar to select emoticons to insert into your entry.   Download Link:

Rules for publishing Serendipity Blog Plugin Download serendipity_event_entrycheck version 1.16 (GPL, Last Updated 2018-03-23) Garvin Hicking, Gregor Voeltz Serendipity >= 0.8 Applies some checks before an entry is published. Does not work with WYSIWYG-CKEDITOR!   Download Link:  

Related entries/links Serendipity Blog Plugin Download serendipity_event_relatedlinks version 1.8.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2014-11-30) Garvin Hicking Serendipity >= 0.8 Insert related links/entries per entry. For flexibility you can edit the “plugin_relatedlinks.tpl” Smarty-Template file to adjust the output. Note that this plugin only outputs data in the detailed/full entry view.   Download Link:  

My Mood Serendipity Blog Plugin Download serendipity_event_mymood version 0.12.0 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-10-10) Brett Profitt, Matthias Mees Serendipity >= 2.0 Allows you to add your current mood or moods to entries.   Download Link:  

Multilingual entries Serendipity Blog Plugin Download serendipity_event_multilingual version 2.33 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-10-26) Garvin Hicking, Wesley Hwang-Chung, Ian Serendipity >= 1.6 Allows to create multiple language versions of an entry   Download Link:  

Microformats Serendipity Blog Plugin Download serendipity_event_microformats version 0.46.1 (GPL, Last Updated 2014-11-30) Matthias Gutjahr Serendipity >= 0.9 This plugin provides an easy way to publish reviews (or events); it supports the respective microformats.   Download Link:

LJ/MySpace/Serendipity Update Plugin Serendipity Blog Plugin Download serendipity_event_ljupdate version 1.13.2 (GPL, Last Updated 2016-05-09) Kaustubh Srikanth, Ivan Makhonin Serendipity >= 0.7 Uses XMLRPC to post to your Livejournal/MySpace/Serendipity   Download Link: